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Dense Phase Conveying System



The positive dense phase transferring system uses compressed air as driving source. It’s based on compulsory pneumatic conveyance and takes the airproof pressure vessel as transmitter. The source air pressure is 0.5 Mpa to 0.7 Mpa, the actual air pressure is 0.3 to 0.5 Mpa under working condition. The transferring Jar can only work intermittently and the transferring distance can be up to over 1000m.


* Low air flow rate, but high transferring capacity, and has no influence on material quality

* The system has higher pressure. Therefore, less consumption of the air.

* Automatic control system, which requires high quality in terms of different electronic parts。

* Multiple points feeding or discharging is viable to transfer the material safe, and successfully.

* The sending jar (cone pump) is a pressure vessel and it must be inspected and signed before using.

* Normally, the air source is screw compressor and the post-processing equipment must be matched。

* The system is reliable and less-maintenance, but requires qualified technician to operate.


Basic Principle

The materials are transferred from the Sending jar to the transferring pipe. The Compressed air becomes pulse airflow (air knife) by frequently open and close by solenoid valve. Air knife pressure is larger than that of sending jar’s and it cut the material into pieces. The static pressure difference of front and back generates propelling force, pushing the materials to move forward. After materials entering in to hopper, the air is discharged into atmosphere, the transferring is complete.





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