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RF-CZ10 Full-automatic Intelligent Bag Packing System


Model: RF-CZ10


Full-automatic machine that give bag and dose, is used for automatic giving and opening bag. Match with Reafine’s other machine to achieve automatic production line: automatic bag giving, dosing, filling, sealing, sewing, shaping, stacking and so on.



* Match with Reafine’s dedicated sewing machine to ensure sealing mouth smooth, durable and artistic。

* Complete and efficient dust collecting technique keeps machine and workshop clean.

* Centralized PLC controls Whole system, which is operated by colored touch screen with various specifications. It’s safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

* Has function of vacuumizing, blowing nitrogen, hemming, etc。


Technical parameter

* Model: RF-CZ10(Small bag)

* Give bag speed::≥35 bags/min

* Bag size: W(max)300mm L(max)400mm

* Air pressue: 0.6-0.8/Mpa

* Machine dimension: 2100*2100*2250mm



Suitable for filling: Milk powder,feed,rice flour,suger,coffice,monosoduim glutamate,solid medicine,pesticide,animal medicine,additive,dye,cacao powder,dextrose,spice,carbon powder,toilet powder,etc.





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