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RF-C10 Automatic Double Auger Filling System


Model: RF-A20


Double auger screw filling and packing system has character such as auto-dosing, bag clamping, filling, vibrating, bag pushing and conveying, auto-sewing, hot sealing and so on. Match with Reafine’s other equipment to achieve automatic production line.



* The whole machine is made by stainless steel and is designed according to GMP standard with no dead corner.

* Complete and efficient dust collecting technique to keep the machine and workshop clean.

* It’s suitable for dosing and filling from super-fine powder to big granular materials via changing feeding way。

* The control system are composed of Toledo controller and Siemens touch screen.

* With the function of auto-calibration, over-shoot inhibition, out-of-tolerance alarm and so on.


Technical parameter

* Filling weight:5-50kg

* Filling accuracy:≤0.2%

* Filling speed:≥3bags /min

* Machine dimension:(Dosing machine)1200*1200*2400mm



With function of auto-dosing, clamp bag, filling, vibrating, push bags and auto-sewing by conveying belt。









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